23 June 2011

Garlic Clove afternoon tea

Garlic Clove @ 

Went for an afternoon coffee at Garlic Clove, and while they specialise in French meals, settled for cake instead.

It's spacious, chic, well lit, functional yet pleasing to the eyes. The artificial European ambience is peculiar but still kinda nice. Still the most 'European' vibe on the coast.
It's laidback and perfect for when you want to catch up with a friend with minimal background noise. Plus I really like the funky architecture of Emerald Lakes complex.
The place just exudes an Autumn vibe that I love with leaves falling everywhere on the sidewalk. Love the pseudo-Parisian Autumn.

Had coffee and cake for like $5.90 or $6 (I'm a little hazy with numbers) but cake was one of those catering cakes, maybe from bidvest or people that do McCafe's cakes.
The chocolate cake was rich, if not a little dry with cream in the middle. Didn't like it, but really liked the hummingbird cake. The lemon/cheese icing was delicious! So won one, and lost one on the cake front.

Coffee was Merlo which should be good news but it wasn't as great a brew as the ones you get from Merlo at Ferry Road Markets.
They could do with more dessert in the cabinets but to be fair, I've been here before and they did have a lot more cakes than this time around.
Also, pretty sure there is some French dessert on the menu but coffee and cake for $5.90 is a bargain. The service was great and the atmosphere is just so welcoming, I'd go back just for that. It's a classy affair minus the price tag.

Chocolate cake & carrot cake.

Funky Capp.
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  1. ive had lunch and dinner here and found there were some (not very well educated in food) staff.. every time i go the staff are different, massive turn over of staff, just when you get to know staff,and they become familiar with you ,the next time you go back they have been fired.. strange at best.. food is ordinary, not very exciting, was better when the french owners had it at carrara. very dissapointed with my experience. Oh and its in the Italian
    quarter with the French Quarter at the front of the restaurant across the street. French restaurant in an Italian Quarter... strange