14 May 2011

Commune Cafe

Commune Cafe, 1844 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads

Situated on the road running parallel to the Gold Coast Highway, it's easy to miss Commune as you drive by. You wouldn't want to though, at least not right now when it's so talked about among Gold Coasters who do coffee. On the outside the building looks like it would have been an old convenience store, but inside it looks like a boutique home ware store that serves food.
You can sit in or out as outside is decked out nicely with vintage furniture all the way round to the back. Just a hint when sitting outside, don't sit near the drainage....for obvious reasons, it stinks. The set up is tres cool, retro and has that 'chillax' vibe.
The cafe is big on organic, and the shop is stocked with some fashion pieces too. If only they'd fill their food cabinets with as much zeal.

Organic is the key here

funky decor and funkier patrons

I guess food is just a minor detail when the word "organic" is mentioned, and I get the feeling that most people who frequent Commune are "organic".
Coffee is of the essence here, not so much the food. Coffee was Campos, and I might even say my cappuccino was quite satisfying. Mild and frothy.
My entourage were also happy with their purchases and while no one raved about anything, it was a nice spot to chillax on a overcast Monday lunch.
Just on that note...monday lunch, I will probably never go back on a Monday because it's "meat free Monday!"
It was painful to be deprived that way especially seeing as I'm such a lover of animals. They are so cute when alive and so delicious upon death. Bless those precious creatures (and place them on the menu please).

After much deliberation I settled for turkish bread with....lemon and avocado. Wow, I can't believe I am paying for this I thought to myself. Yet maybe because I was hungry, yeah probably because of that, I enjoyed my humble meal.
It was nice though, you know when you crave simple flavours (which I wasn't at the time), that's when I'd get it. When you want to smell the turkish pide, taste the smooth texture of butter, get into a lemon, eat some fresh avocados. You could probably do those things at home too, but I do believe in treating yourself out once in a while.
I also didn't feel like I was bursting at the seams or falling asleep after the meal which is always a nice change. Banana bread was also apparently satisfactory, but I guess banana bread is a common fixture at non-'commune' cafes also.
Overall the place has a subtle character, and I'm interested to see what new things they may try. It definitely beats going to Zarraffa's. I'd go back, just not on a Monday.


Turkish bread with avocado and lemon. yup.
Banana bread
Made with love
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  1. Nice blog... I couldnt help laughing at your meat free monday comments and the little "noooooooo" on the picture. I am also very carnivorous and hate meat-free dishes.


  2. Thank you :) haha yea I love my meat, and I was so much looking forward to a protein packed lunch to kick start the week. ah well, it's a really cute place though.

  3. Why are you people still living in the dark ages, your killing the world with your facist carnivorous ways, move on people it's the 21st century.

  4. Everyone's different. I think we can agree to disagree in the 21st century.

  5. The good thing about the 21st century is we have access to meat from all over the world instead of the bloke next door in the dark ages.